Lots of toy page updates

Baron KarzaAdded a bunch of new pictures and pages over the last few days. Highlights include:

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Mystic Skull

A board game with a hanging voodoo doll and the mysterious moving skull. What could be better? I love the box and board art for this game.   


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Micronauts Force Commander

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New micro photos – toys for sale

MEL-MINI2Added a few new Micronaut photos to the site. Specifically, Emperor, Mobile Exploration Lab and a Star Searcher box.

Incidentally, (and the reason I shot them) these items are all up for auction on eBay right now.

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The Alien at SDCC

Spend much time on BEM and it becomes pretty obvious I have an Alien fixation. This was a really good year at SDCC for both the Ridley Scott Alien and the James Cameron Aliens incarnations.   Not shown is a Super7 prototype for a Kenner style Alien based on the Cameron movie. 

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Batman at SDCC

Adam West era Batman is still my favorite. There was a lot of great stuff to see for the Batman 66 fan. Here are some photos of my favorites. 

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