Ben Cooper Costumes

Costumes from the 70s and earlier were a lot simpler (and less comfortable) than current ones. But if you were going to go out on Halloween back then, chances are you were sporting a Ben Cooper costume. My brother and I definitely wore our share. The ones below probably wouldn’t have been tops on our list of costumes, but they are still pretty awesome.





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Princess Leia…

This is the photo 7 year old me always wanted me to be in.


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Janice West

I have never liked Western toys as much as Sci-Fi toys, largely due to the limitless potential of sci-fi and that the only western toys available in my youth were Lone Ranger related (which I did have.) But I have always loved westerns on tv and film. The Johnny West line was a bit before my peak toy playing years, but I think I would have liked them.


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Diecast Toys

Found a site dedicated to diecast vehicles that has some pretty cool info, Suncoast Diecasters. If you’re into collecting 1/64th scale miniature vehicles, you should definitely check them out.

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Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Playset

I love Pee-Wee. And his wacky Playhouse. And his Christmas Special. So I would kill to have this awesome playset and just stick it on a shelf to gaze upon while sitting in Chairy and contemplating the secret word of the day.

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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was an okay movie that turned into a great tv show in the 60s. I think these toys must be from the show, but whichever one it is, they are so very cool. I will have to dig out that DVD tonight…

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Star Wars Droid Factory

The Mighty Men and Monster Maker art kit was one of my favorite art kits as a kid – especially since my drawing skills have always been sub par. This Star Wars Droid factory art kit was a little too late for me to have appreciated when it was released, but it sure is cool.

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Lidsville Lunchbox

Seen the acid trip induced series Lidsville? If not, you should. It’s Sid and Maery Krofft’s third show and it is everything you could expect. And more.

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Universal Monsters Lunchbox

I’ve always loved the Universal Monsters. Only monster box that would be better than this would be Groovy Ghoulies.

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Planet of the Apes Album

Found this the other day. I hadn’t really thought much about the sound track to Planet of the Apes, but I picked it up anyway and ended up enjoying it quite a bit. It’s no Logan’s Run theme, but still pretty good.

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